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Happy Hour With The Pasternacks

Building a good website can feel so fun and exciting but also daunting. In today’s episode we are going to be talking about the big question that new(and experienced) business owners ask, What do I need on my website? So grab a glass of wine🍷, pull up a seat , click play, and join us for Happy Hour With the Pasternacks.

Spoiler: ( Your Website does not have to be everything right away. Don’t let making it perfect stop you from just getting your product or service out there!).

Home Page

Your homepage is an introduction to your store and is the most important part of your website. People need to know why they are on your website. You need a tagline, or a statement that lets people know what you do. The homepage needs to either get someone excited or repel. You may be tempted at first, to try to gain every customer, this is not what you want( you are not Walmart). You want your website to be an experience for your ideal client, and entice them to want more. Be specific with what you do, and what you offer.

Landing Page

Make it about you! This is your chance to share the story behind your brand. People buy stories, not the stuff or the service. They buy the people behind the service and the stuff. At the end of the day, it is a person you are selling to and you need to relate to that person( on a personal level). The landing page can be so easy to overthink and you may feel like you need to list your accolades, it is not a resume, you are not applying for a job. Make the person visiting your website feel a connection to you and your passions. You need to convince people that what you’re doing/selling is your passion. Once again, people BUY stories. 


Validate what you do. This can look so different for so many different creatives. If you are offering a service, take pictures of what you do or get testimonials. If you are offering a product, show them why they need this product.  It can be so easy at the beginning to put EVERYTHING you have done in your portfolio. You want to curate and show your very best work. Showcase the work that you want to do more of! Show your client through your work and your experience, that they will get what they are looking for. 

Investment Page

The first thing on your investment page, should not be the cost. You want to take your customer through a journey of what they are actually investing in. Make a meaningful connection to you and your product.  What is it about your product or your service that is worth investing in? This is the big question you should be answering as you build your investment page. It is not about how much it costs, but it is about how your product  is transformational. 

Contact Page

Last but not least, people need a way to reach out to you. List the BEST way for potential clients to contact you. Do not list ALL the options, but figure out what works best for you and your life. It may be tempting to list all the ways they can contact you, but this is not ideal for your busy life. Pick the best method, and move forward towards creating a life you love!

We hope this episode of Happy Hour with Pasternacks has given you insight into what you need on your website. Have questions about starting your website go to https://thepasternacks.com/ to learn more! Tune in next week, as we give you more tips on how to start, grow and scale your business. 


Mark and Nicole 

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What do I need on my website?

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