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There is no way that we could have tried out as many businesses as we have without this TIME giving tool. The tool that we are talking about today helps you to create systems and processes that run your business for you. We know that time is SOOO important and we can’t wait to share the tool that has changed our life, Honeybook. 

Honeybook is that next dial that you need to turn, in order to take your business to the next level. It allows you to take back your time so that you can focus on the creative avenues you love. Click play below to follow along in our Honeybook walkthrough


The projects tab in Honeybook gives you a snapshot of your active projects and it shows you where your customers are in their journey. This process is completely customizable to your business. You can organize these projects in multiple ways, such as by date or by stages in their booking with you. Honeybook also gives you a run down of so many things such as: who has paid, signed your retainer,or signed the contract. 

Honeybook Walkthrough


This aspect of Honeybook is probably our favorite. The files tab allows you to drop in customizable files into your clients project. Files allows you to streamline your process, by allowing you to create templates that are customizable to each client. 

Honeybook walkthrough

Creating templates to turn into files, allows you to streamline your booking or services process. We use to spend HOURS creating proposals for each individual client and now we have these templates that we customize to each client, without having to build the proposal from scratch. 


Within your project, Honeybook has an invoice/payments tab that allows you to upload your invoice. Once you have uploaded your invoice it will automatically send emails to the client, reminding them of retainers due or missed payments.

The activity portion of Honeybook allows you to have a space where you can view ALL emails between you and the client. We LOVE this aspect of Honeybook, because it puts all communication in one location. You are no longer sifting through multiple emails/texts and you can communicate directly through this activity tab, saving you time. 


The tools tab has so many different options. There is a finances tab within tools that allows you to run reports. These reports give you an overview of your income. There is a scheduler in which you can send a calendar to your clients with your availability and they choose the best time. The chosen time is then populated into your calendar. Not only can you create booking times but you can create contact forms that are then embeddable into your website allowing you to receive information all in one location. We could go on and on about all the tools that are available to you. Honestly, Honeybook has thought of it all

We hope this Honeybook walkthrough has helped you see the value in streamlining your business processes. We understand that as a business owner you are playing ALL the roles and time is your most valuable asset. Honeybook is offering 20% off your first year! Click  here, Grab a drink and get planning with Honeybook today!


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Honeybook walkthrough

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