How to Start a Business With No Money

Are you ready to start your business, but are stressing over the finances…..this video is for you!! 

Join us for Happy Hour with the Pasternacks as we talk you through how to start a business with no money. Money, money, money, it can feel like such a stressor in your dreams, but in reality you can chase your dreams with zero dollars. We have started SOO many of our businesses with NO money in our pockets and can’t wait to show you how to start yours!

Utilizing What You Already Have

The best method to starting your business with no money is utilizing what you already have. We both started our businesses with supplies that we already had access to. You don’t need to buy the newest or nicest gear to just get your business off the ground. Look around, grab that old camera and start to take pictures again or use your iphone to start a podcast. We can get so bought into feeling like we need everything in order to just start, and we are living proof that you don’t. 

Grab those Free Resources

There are SOO many free resources at your fingertips such as CANVA, Trello, and GoDaddy. You don’t need a fancy web designer to get started. Research, reach out to friends to ask for support, grab hold of those free resources and get started!!! As entrepreneurs, we are dream chasers and sometimes it can be hard to sift through all the dreams you have and turn them into a call for action. We would love to help guide you into mapping out your business, Grab our Free 5 Minute Business Blueprint and let us help you get started!

Save Now, to Invest Later

Social media is your platform for FREE advertising, use it!  Once your income starts to flow, you can start to invest into products that will benefit your business in the long run. You may HATE social media and starting off in your business you may play ALL the roles in your business. Save money, so that down the road you can invest in someone who can perform those tasks that are not your passion( like Social Media). Start to think about what your vision is for your business in the future, and start saving so that you can achieve your vision. 

We hope these strategies will help transform your thought process and encourage you to start your business!!


Mark and Nicole 

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