The #1 Thing to Grow a Successful Business

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We are so glad you are here!! Pop the bubbly 🍾 and join us as we discuss the #1 Thing to Grow a Successful Business. Here on Happy Hour with the Pasternacks, we are going to give you all the business tips to help you start, grow, and scale your business. 

In today’s episode, we are going to dive into the #1 thing to grow a successful business and it may not be what you think!! Press play on the video below!

Community, Why is it so important for Entrepreneurs?

You may be asking yourself why is building community so important? The answer is simple, you need to be surrounded by people who will challenge you, support you, and most importantly cheer you on. Look around at your circle, and think about the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Are they challenging, supporting, and helping you to grow your business? If not seek out a community of entrepreneurs. Who you surround yourself with, will help your business not only in the present,but also in the future. You need people who are at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Dream chasers who have just started chasing their dreams and those who have now created a life they love. We both wish we had done this earlier in our journey 


Getting involved in a community of entrepreneurs opens up your business to a WORLD of opportunities. Soooo much opportunity arises from networking!!! Don’t feel like it’s a competition between other entrepreneurs, instead use their knowledge, ask them questions, and grab hold of opportunities that they may give you. You never know the tools and tricks that you will be able to gain from them. Most importantly, keep your mind and your network open to letting in various people and ideas of different perspectives, you never know the impact that they may have on you! 

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