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Hey there, fabulous entrepreneurs! It’s the Pasternacks here, and we are beyond excited to dive into the incredible world of networking with you. As a fellow creativepreneur, we have experienced firsthand the mind-blowing impact that building connections outside of our industry can have on our entrepreneurial journey.  So, grab a cup of coffee and get […]

The Networking Chronicles: Embracing Connections for Personal and Professional Growth

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In the whirlwind of entrepreneurship, finding a balance between personal relationships and business endeavors can seem insurmountable. Yet, our remarkable story demonstrates that building successful businesses and prioritizing our relationships is possible amidst the chaos. As a couple and creative entrepreneurs, we have experienced firsthand the complexities of this balancing act.  In this blog, we […]

Relationships & Entrepreneurship: Finding Balance in the Chaos

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Hey there, fellow busy couples! The Pasternacks here, and today we are thrilled to share some invaluable insights and strategies that have completely transformed how we manage our time.  As entrepreneurs navigating the ever-demanding business world, we know firsthand the challenges of balancing work, personal commitments, and our relationships. But fear not because, with these […]

4 Time Management Hacks for Busy Couples

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Hello! Mark and Nicole here, and we’re thrilled to share our mantra for couplepreneur success with all of you. Over the years, we’ve weathered the storms, learned from our mistakes, and ultimately discovered a powerful formula that has transformed our lives and businesses. Today, we’re excited to unveil the magic behind our journey – the […]

Align, Build, Thrive: The Pasternack’s’ Mantra for Couplepreneur Success

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The decision to launch a business together as a couple can bring both rewards and challenges. It allows you to combine strengths, support each other’s dreams, and build a shared vision. It requires navigating the complexities of balancing personal and professional life.  Do you want to learn more about navigating the exciting and challenging journey […]

Should You Launch a Business as a Couple?

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Happy Hour With The Pasternacks Feeling overwhelmed with your daily tasks and to-do’s ? You may be spending hours responding to emails or checking things off your growing to-do list, yet feel like you have accomplished NOTHING.    We get it, and have also had those same struggles. Which is why we have taken some […]

How to automate my business

How To Automate My Business

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Happy Hour With The Pasternacks Unpopular opinion, AI is a life saver for creative entrepreneurs. As creative entrepreneurs, you wear all the hats in your business. Using technology to help you become more efficient and complete tasks faster is KEY to saving you money. Which is why we are talking about how to use Repurpose.i0 […]

How to use repurpose.i0

How to Use Repurpose.i0 for Content Creation

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Happy Hour With The Pasternacks Grab a BIG glass of wine 🍷 as we are talking about a TOUGH topic, How To Work With Your Spouse.  Today’s topic, working with your spouse, has taken us YEARS to perfect( and still perfecting). In no way do we have it completely figured out, but we have learned […]

How to work with your spouse

How to Work With Your Spouse

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Happy Hour With the Pasternacks As parents of four, vacation looks a little different these days. We no longer just jump into the car and leave for a weekend getaway. Planning our vacations is KEY to ensuring we actually have a successful vacation. From just asking simple questions like, Where are we going? What are […]

How to make a business plan

How To Make A Business Plan

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Happy Hour With The Pasternacks Getting your first client can be a daunting task for any new entrepreneur. Whether you’re offering a product or a service, landing your first client is a crucial step in establishing your business and building a solid foundation for future growth.  In today’s video, we’ll explore some tips on how […]

How to get your first client

How to Get your First Client