How To Automate My Business

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Feeling overwhelmed with your daily tasks and to-do’s ? You may be spending hours responding to emails or checking things off your growing to-do list, yet feel like you have accomplished NOTHING.   

We get it, and have also had those same struggles. Which is why we have taken some of our daily tasks and created systems that involve automations. Automating certain processes allows for you to pour your time and energy into the things that you love! 

Click play below, grab a drink and join us as we talk through how to automate your business.

1. If You Are Doing Something More Than Once, You Should Have A System For It. 

( you may be thinking, sooooo how do I do that?)

Write it out, If you have written an email more than once, or answered those frequently asked questions, you need to jot them down. Creating a list of the things you need to automate will help you to create a process. Most client management softwares will allow you to create simple emails like “ thank you for your email, we will respond in two days”. These simple little automations save you SOO much time on the continual back and forth between clients. 

2. Use Calendly

Honesty hour, DO NOT make the booking process for clients insanely complicated. You do not want your client to come to the end of the booking process and just feel overwhelmed. Make the process simple. Calendly allows your clients to book times and dates without you having to sit down and respond to each email. 

3. Write Your Processes Down

Think through the first time that a potential client or customer is going to engage with you. What does that process look like? Continue thinking through everything your customer will go through from booking to delivery of your product. You should have the sales step, the production step, and the follow up step. 

4. Client Management Software

Honeybook, helps organize your clients, create automations, and really simplify your workflows. This client management software is so user friendly, and really helps you to create the systems you need! We could talk for hours about Honeybook, but click here to listen to more about how to use Honeybook in your business or get started and grab our discount code.  

The only way to run your business when your  time is limited is to input some of these tips! When you find yourself googling, How to automate my business? We hope you remember these tips, because using these tips will allow you to get back your time and allow you to focus on your passions. We know it is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things that you are doing, and we hope these tips will help prevent you from burnout. Our passion is to help other creative entrepreneurs( like you) gain back their time and turn their lives from surviving to thriving.


Mark and Nicole

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How to Automate my business


How to automate my business

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