How to Use Repurpose.i0 for Content Creation

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Unpopular opinion, AI is a life saver for creative entrepreneurs. As creative entrepreneurs, you wear all the hats in your business. Using technology to help you become more efficient and complete tasks faster is KEY to saving you money. Which is why we are talking about how to use Repurpose.i0 for content creation, our current favorite AI !

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is Repurpose.i0? Think of this platform as a central location to create video content for social media platforms such as: Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts and TikTok. Repurpose.i0 allows you to create workflows to meet your needs and also allows you to schedule the video content across multiple platforms with the click of a button(yes, it’s that easy

Create Your Snippets

Creating snippets with Repurpose.i0 is so easy. If you aren’t an editing guru DON’T stress, this platform makes it simple and is so streamlined.  You select the time stamp that best suits the time frame and social media platform of your choice. Once you create your snippet, hit publish, and then you can write a reel caption( ps:using your youtube caption is an easy cheat!). Don’t want to publish your snippet now? Repurpose.i0 allows you the ability to schedule for a later date. 

How to use Repurpose.i0

Create Automations

Repurpose.i0 has a great integration factor that allows you to create automations to automatically post to other social media platforms. For example, when we create Instagram reels, they then auto create youtube shorts, and TikToks. Allowing you to share content across platforms without sitting behind your computer for HOURS posting on all platforms. We LOVE this ability in Repurpose.i0 and promise not only will this save you time, but money!

How to use Repurpose.i0

The name says it all Repurpose.i0, as business owners we do not have a lot of time and this programn allows you to repurpose your content across so many social media platforms. As a content creator, you may spend hours creating videos, why not use that content in many different ways?

We hope this youtube video has helped show you how to save time and money. 

Want to try it for yourself? Click here for a discount, and start repurposing that content that you spent HOURS creating!

Cheers  🥂, 

Mark and Nicole 


How to use Repurpose.i0


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