nick, marissa, eli + carolyn: family session

Before becoming a mom I was totally intimidated by family sessions. I was always nervous that I wouldn’t know how to get the kids to smile, or heaven forbid they start crying, I had no idea what to do with a crying baby. But now, family sessions are one of my favorites! I love working with kids. They bring so much joy to every photo. I mean, just look at the way parents look at their children, there really is no greater love. Plus, they’re just so cute. But let’s just be honest, I’m a sucker for love and I don’t care who knows it!! And it’s so amazing to see all the beauty, joy, and hope that comes from two people’s love and commitment to each other. So, bring on the babies… they’re the best.

Here are a few highlights from my family session with the Suhocki family. I’ve know Marissa since high school and it always just so fun to watch my friend’s families grow! Also, Eli and his big blue eye… too much. 

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