alycia hill: milk bath maternity shoot

A few months ago, Alycia posted in a Columbus creatives group on facebook that she was willing to be a model for anyone interested in a milk bath maternity shoot. I am SO glad I responded. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alycia to plan this. Alycia is a photographer herself, and I have been so inspired by her humility and eagerness to learn. Not to mention, she’s gorgeous. One of the other photographers said Beyonce has nothing on Alycia, and I have to agree. The lovely, Becca Musayev, of Sweet Williams Photography, did the florals and they were perfect, as usual. Seriously, Becca is now my go-florist. Really, it was just a dream of a shoot from start to finish.

But even more exciting than just a beautiful shoot is that from this simple shoot a beautiful community has blossomed. As I’ve journeyed through the process of starting my business, one of the hardest parts has been finding other creatives and photographers to connect with. Either people are years ahead of me or my competition and I hate that. But working together with these ladies, as well as, Abigail ReederNatalie Folchi, Nicole Callis, and Rachel Magree, has shown me that community is SO much better than competition, and when we put our talents together instead of pitting ourselves against each other, beautiful things can happen. Since doing this shoot, we’ve done an anniversary shoot (yeah, that amazing one with the horse), plans are in the works for a follow up milk bath shoot when Alycia’s baby arrives, and a few other shoots down the road. Even better than all that, a Bible Study has formed and I get to meet with some very talented ladies on a weekly basis to talk about our faith, our businesses, and everything in between. Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel by meeting these ladies. 

But really, this was the most gorgeous shoot…

And now for a little behind the scenes…

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