Maria + Josh | Wedding at St. John Newman + St. Agatha

Every wedding day is magical in all it’s own ways. There is nothing more amazing and radical than two people promising to love each other through everything for the rest of their lives. But it makes it extra special when you’ve know the bride for 8 years and some of your best memories are being covered in paint and mud with her at Catholic Youth Summer Camp. Maria is just a gem of a human being who radiates joy and Christ’s love wherever she goes. Her presence is true gift to whoever she’s around. Her new husband Josh is just as wonderful! He has strength, confidence, and protective care that looks after Maria in such a sweet way. Every photo we took of Josh and Maria was Maria glowing and Josh admiring every move she made! What a pleasure to spend the day with this loving, giving couple!

Josh and Maria were absolutely surrounded with people who love them. Every detail of their day was thought about with the same care and thoughtfulness that goes into every day of their relationship. Most importantly, Maria’s fabulous shoes 😉 Maria look liked she walked straight out of a royal wedding. Mark kept saying, “This is just so beautiful, this is my favorite wedding, I love your dress!” We really loved Maria’s dress!

Maria and Josh, it was an honor to celebrate your love for each other and your love for the Lord. We had so much fun celebrating you two. You are clearly surrounded by so many people who love you and are supporting you in your marriage. Enjoy this new adventure together!




This photo is extra special! Melissa and Clayton all the way to the right were the very first couple to trust me with their wedding day. I might say they put a little too much trust in me, and I’ve learned a feeeww things since their wedding. But Melissa was really the person who launched my career in wedding photography and revealed a passion I never knew I had. Therese and Brett, just to the left were another one of my first couples, and Laura and Mitch all the way to the right were the first people to hire me when I launched my official business. Laura even trusted me before I even had a website up! All three of the couples have deep, genuine faith in the Lord, and beautiful marriages. I’m so thankful for the opportunities they’ve opened up for me by trusting me with their most treasured memories! Aren’t they just the best?!

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