July Favorites

The Pasternack's July Favorites. Ranging from waterpacks to dining chairs. These July Favorites will elevate your day today while managing a household!

Well, July was a big month. We packed up our family and moved from Columbus, OH to Denver, CO. We are absolutely obsessed and loving it here. It feels like we’re finally getting in a rhythm and all THREE girls are starting school. We did plenty of online shopping as we got settled in Denver, so we’re here to share all of our finds that made it into our July favorites.

  1. Waterpack: Well, if you’ve ever been to Denver, you’ll know that everyone is outside all the time, AND it’s super dry so you need water AT ALL TIMES. This pack has come in so handy for all our family adventures, it fits all the essentials, and we can wear it while wearing a kid or two on our backs!
  2. Silicone Bibs: With Joey being our last baby, we’re pretty discerning on what baby stuff we buy. We had plenty of cloth bibs, but let me tell you something, these bibs are NEXT LEVEL. They keep this messy toddler clean while eating and they’re so easy to clean off.
  3. Washable Rugs: Do you have children? Do you have pets? Do you live in a house? Then you need washable rugs. We’ve gotten so many questions about the rugs we have around our house. We’re really lucky and the previous owners (who had AMAZING taste) let us buy alllll of their rugs, and most of them are Ruggable. To be able to pick up a rug and throw it in the washer really is a necessity with 6 people tracking through our house. I will never buy another rug that isn’t washable.
  4. Desk Light: Mark had some bulky video lights on his desk for calls and filming. While nice to have, they were so ugly, and totally went against our light and airy office space. We were pumped to find these that can hid behind his computer and change temperature to match the natural light in the office. Win win for everyone.
  5. Portable Booster Seat: Being on the go and having plenty of outside activities to explore we needed a grab and go seat for Joey. This little seat is perfect for all of our adventures and Joey is so proud to have his own chair.
  6. Wishbone Chairs: Putting chairs in our July favorites felt silly but one of the only things we didn’t buy from our sellers was their kitchen and dinning room tables. We were excited to pick out some new pieces and these chairs were EVERYTHING we were looking for. They’re comfortable, sturdy, and so beautiful. It felt like a win-win finding something cute for us but durable for 4 kids.
  7. Turkish Towels: Ok, we’ve been getting adds for yeeears for these fast drying beach towels, and let me tell you, they are 100% worth it. They’re absorbent, they dry so fast, and dirt doesn’t get stuck in all the loops. Perfect for the pool, the beach, or a picnic.
  8. Refrigerator Egg Drawers: If you don’t have egg drawers in your fridge, you’re not truly living. These save so much space and they keep eggs from getting squished in the fridge.
  9. Knife Drawer: We wanted to keep our new, beautiful white counters clean, so we wanted to hid most stuff away in drawers and cabinets. We’re both loving having our knives tucked away in a drawer with this organizer and they feel even more accessible while we’re cooking.
  10. Reusable Cotton Rounds: We can in no way claim to be environmental experts or great at staying green. But we do try to do little things where we can. I use cotton balls every night when I clean my face and I just felt like it was so much waste. So I got these reusable cotton rounds and they’re so nice and gentle on my face. Definitely worth it!

Our July favorites are great but if you’re looking for something that is free and doesn’t take time to ship, grab our

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