January has been quite the month for us as we navigate into another pandemic year and prepare to grind towards the 2022 goals we set for ourselves last year (stay tuned for a blog post about why we goal plan months in advance). Since the month has brought some cold and also sunny days, we had to be prepared for days in and days out. The days in were spent organizing the house more efficiently with some dance parties in between and the days out consisted of ice skating, coffee dates, and more. It’s been a good start to the year and we wanted to share below some favorites we have so far discovered along the way.

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ONE | Ok Ok. We know digital picture frames may feel very 90’s but trust me when we say, you need one, they are still relevant, and make displaying our favorite photos a breeze. We got this frame for Mark’s parents for Christmas and everyone in the family is in love. It’s so easy for all of us to send photos and videos of the grandkids straight to “Oma + Bapa” to display at their house. It’s been so fun watching old memories come up and new favorites that everyone shares. We bought this one because of the modern frame and matted look but also because it can sit in landscape or portrait orientation so it blends seamlessly with decor.

TWO | A water mister… aka a fancy water bottle that doesn’t spray water like a nerf gun but actually mists the area for an even distribution without drenching the subject. In our case, the subject is our girls. Being able to mist down their bed head is a crucial step when doing their hair for the day. It leveled up our morning routine and keeps their styles smooth.

THREE | We cannot survive without coffee. Okay, we can if needed but we don’t want to imagine a world where we have to. Our latest obsession is this RASA Dirty Coffee that Mark discovered. It’s only 35mg of caffeine and tastes so good… like chocolate but slightly earthy… does herbal dessert make sense? Regardless, we are loving this new find and highly recommend it!

FOUR | If you’ve seen Mark then you probably have noticed that his hair always looks good. It’s not fare but there is an art to it that he does deserve credit for. Recently he started using the spiffy hair pomade by Old Spice and not only does it survive a spontaneous run, it also doesn’t crunch up in the cold or leave a weird residue once it’s settled.

FIVE | We have 4 kiddos and it’s impossible to avoid buying or wearing the color white when you love neutrals… not to mention white sheets and towels for that spa effect in the home. One of our 2022 goals was to implement more clean living and the first place we started at in our home was the laundry room. This meant finding a bleach that kept our whites white but wasn’t full of the harsh chemicals found in familiar name brand bleach. This alternative by Laundress has by far been the best one we’ve tried and we will definitely be buying it again.

SIX | Have you seen Nicole’s reel recently?! We have been all about organizing in the past year and this month we are loving these clear bins because we can see what we are sorting and nothing gets lost. These are great for the bathroom, pantry, towel closet, or playroom. We have clear ones under our coffee table so we can specifically see what’s inside and the kids can see too.

SEVEN | Ladies… COMFY CROP TOP PAJAMA SET… except they don’t have to be pajamas, dress them up to run errands or just lounge the day away in them. They are stretchy but not too stretchy and the fabric is thick enough that you can totally wear them outside of the house. The new comfy/lounge trend is the best one yet.

EIGHT | These mittens have been the top tier purchase of the month since getting snowed in for multiple days. We love that there is a way to connect both gloves so when the kids taken them off, we don’t lose one of the mittens in limbo. They are great at keeping little hands warm and dry which is also crucial during intense snowball fights and even thought mittens, don’t restrict hand movement.

NINE | Layers, layers, layers. When the kids are going outside to play in the snow, layers are essential to keeping warm and these long johns are our favorite. We literally have to pry these things off Amelia because she says they’re so warm and cozy. Mainly because they create a great warm layer under all the coats and pants but then instantly transition into being great lounge clothes once they are back inside which saves majorly on laundry when there’s 4 kids involved!!


We hope you love our January favorites as much as us!

xo – The Pasternacks

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