How to Juggle it All

Ok, obviously there’s no shortage of things on your plate. It feels impossible to figure out how to juggle it all. You have dishes, laundry, entertaining your kids, starting a business, communicating with clients, and dates with your spouse?! How does one person, or even two people manage it all and even begin to stay sane?!

We’ll let you in on a little secret… no one can juggle it all.

Most of human history people lived with multiple generations of family, or in an actual village. There were always many hands on deck to help keep the kids busy, while someone else was preparing dinner. But now, we live in a unique time where adults have to handle most things on their own.

Family with a Newborn

So, here we are in 2022, we still have the same things we need to do: our children, providing food for our families, household upkeep. But we’re doing it all alone.

So you hit this wall, you’re trying to be a dream chaser, you’re trying to achieve bigger things. But really you’re just trying to make it through the day. You can’t even think about bigger goals and dreams because you are just trying to juggle it all. You have a mountain of laundry to fold, emails to return, and apparently you’re supposed to cook dinner every night.

We hit the same wall before we discovered the beauty of outsourcing. You can read more about our story here, and listen to our story here.

Mom trying to juggle it all while working and holding a baby

Outsourcing is when you hire someone or use a service to take a task off your plate. This helps you get out of the weeds of your life so you can start chasing those bigger dreams.

We outsource A TON in our marriage, family, and business:


The first thing we both started outsourcing was our editing. Videography and photography obviously both editing heavy professions and it takes a lot of time. We love being hands on in getting our finished project to our clients. But, it was taking so much time out of our work. We didn’t have time to dedicate to projects that would grow our business or help us reach new clients. So now, we both have professional editors to ease that time intensive task. We both still work closely with our editors to make sure our finished product shines. But while our editor puts on the finishing touches we can do things like client outreach, writing this blog, or just dreaming about our next idea.


We use instacart to deliver our groceries. Instacart saves us HOURS on the weekend. We use that time to do house projects, exercise, or take a fun adventure with the kids.


You can hire cleaners to help you stay on top of housework so you’re not always feeling behind. We use 614 Cleaning Crew once a month. This helps us to keep our house clean and make sure nothing gets neglected in the shuffle.


We have regular babysitters, through Sitting Made Simple. Our sitters help us keep our kids fed, entertained, engaged, going outside, read to, and on a schedule when we’re busy working. This helps us focus on work while we’re working, and focus on our family when we’re not working. Early on we tried to do it all. We’d try and squeeze in editing and emails at nap time or after the kids went to bed. But we just ended up exhausted.

Virtual Assistants

In both of our businesses we also use a virtual assistant… shoutout to Victoria Tate, who truly makes everything we do possible and look amazing. A virtual assistant can help you with so many tasks, email, social media, client scheduling, blogging, there are truly so many talented people out there. It’s just a matter of nailing down your strengths and finding someone who can complement those strengths with the strengths they bring to the table.

Personal Assistants

Maybe you’re thinking, I don’t even have a business and I’m still overwhelmed… which is TOTALLY valid. Adult life is no joke. But there are personal assistants that you can utilize to help you with errands, folding laundry, meal planning and prep. We’ve worked with Cbus Personal Assistants in busy seasons of life, and they’ve helped us get back on track!

couple juggling work and family life

There are so many creative ways to outsource in your marriage, family, and business. Because truly, no one can figure out how to juggle it all on their own. We all need support to juggle it all and keep our lives functioning and that’s ok!!

People shy away from outsourcing for a few reasons:

  1. Guilt. There’s this myth that we need to do it all, and we should be able to do it all. We feel like everyone else must out there doing it all, so we should be able to too. But no one can do it all without help. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.
  2. You can, so you should. You feel like because you *can* do these tasks you should do it. Of course you *can* go grocery shopping, but it’s a matter of valuing your time. Is your time more valuable spend grocery shopping, which arguably anyone can do? Or is your time more valuable spending time with your kids or your spouse? Just because you *can* do certain tasks doesn’t mean you have to. Focus your time on the things that are most important to you and let other people help you with the rest!
  3. It costs too much money. We aren’t advocating going into debt so you can outsource all the tasks in your life. You certainly don’t have to outsource everything or outsource all the time. But look at your budget to see where you can give a little money to get back a little bit of your time. Maybe you can afford to hire a photo editor for every third wedding you shoot. Maybe you can instacart groceries once a month. Or maybe you have cleaners come once a quarter or right before the holidays. There are ways to outsource that fit your budget and your needs!

But it all comes back to how you value your time.

As Jenna Kutcher often says, time is one of our most valuable, nonrenewable resources. Once we give our time away, we can never get it back.

Whether you’re balancing a family or a business or anything in between we all struggle with how to juggle it all. So it’s about finding ways to use your time in the ways that are most valuable to you. Sometimes that means exchanging money for a service. But the time you get back is invaluable. Don’t be afraid to admit that you need help, we all do!!

If you’re ready to take your time and your life back, check out our


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