It’s March which means it’s time to share our February Favorites! Our tried and true items that made February easier than January. We are astonished at how fast the year is flying by but they always say time flies when you’re having fun. Some of our favorites created a lot of fun for us last month and we hope they can for you too! Enjoy!


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We’ve shared it once and we will share it again. But thisĀ Dyson wireless vacuum is a staple item and deserved the number 1 spot in our February favorites. Since the past month was Valentine’s day, that meant a lot of crafts for cards, boxes, and more. Whether it was glitter or random snippings of paper, our trusty Dyson was there to get the cleaning done quick. Also if you follow us on Instagram then you saw what happened during the girl’s craft adventures and let us say again, the Dyson was the real MVP with that clean up.


We have a toddler very eager to learn and two girls in school who are learning in the classroom and outside of it on the daily. Having these white boards at home are a must when doing homework or just learning for fun. They are large but lightweight which is a win when the littles wants to play around. The biggest thing too is that they erase WELL. When erasing there isn’t any marker residue left or any staining… you know what we’re talking about. They are perfect for our little learners (and often times artists) and no worries, they come with erasers too!


Our dining room table sees it all. Every meal, game night, drinks with friends, work conversations, and many many crafts. In order to keep it protected, we simple buy these vinyl table cloths and don’t stress of any mess. They are decently durable and since affordable, we are completely unphased if the girls get marker or glue on them. It truly makes clean up a breeze after any project.


We have owned probably every generation of Air Pods and they keep getting better and better. When Apple did their big event last October, of course Mark was watching live and ready to get whatever was next. The Air Pods being the first in the cart. Since last month called for some days in the 50’s that meant one thing: RUNNING WEATHER. And a run isn’t a good run without good ear buds. Adding things to our February favorites was a necessity, and for Mark, you will probably see them show up again as the weather gets even better.


Old Navy is one of our favorite places to shop. They truly have everything for the family. Last month it was all about mama and these quilted joggers were worn almost daily. Okay, maybe not daily, but definitely a few times each week. They are extra high waisted super flattering and can go with any shirt. They aren’t too long so they don’t ride weird around the ankle and the quilted pattern make them so fun and SO COMFY. Don’t hesitate getting these!


Okay, Nicole here to talk about underwear. Specifically THINX. Pregnant and postpartum moms, LISTEN UP. These made recovery with Joey so much more pleasant than with the rest. I wish I would have known about these sooner but wow. Thinx is underwear specially designed for your time of the month or any mess that can occur after child birth. NO MORE BULKY PADS, straight up. No uncomfortable tampons. And ZERO dollars spent making sure you’re stocked up and ready for your next period. They discretely absorb fluids leaving you feeling dry and comfortable… literally goals. While the price tag may seem like a lot for a pair of underwear, it’s not more than the amount you’d spend on feminine hygiene products over the course of just a year! Also with our link you can save $10 on your purchase!


When we’re running around all day managing 4 kids or running multiple businesses getting to sleep is HARD especially this past month as we have been in the process of BIG things. We have so many thoughts, ideas, and things to do zooming around our minds and it’s really hard to turn off. We LOVE turning on a Get Sleepy podcast when it’s time to get some rest. Thomas’ soothing voice and picturesque stories helped us fall asleep peacefully every night making this a key feature in our February favorites.


After travel, the holidays, and catching up on life in January, February was our month to get back on the fitness train. We are BIG advocates for regular exercise, but obviously it’s easy to put it on the back burner. To get ourselves back on track we joined Orange Theory, and it’s been AMAZING. Their workouts are challenging, engaging, and well rounded. We’ve both always loved to run so we love the interval training on the treadmills mixed with strength training. It’s a nice balance and a great switch up to our normal routine. We highly recommend it if you’re looking for something new!


If you snag one of these items or already own one let us know! We’d love to hear how our favorites have become yours too!

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