billy, maura + chiara: family session

These dear friends have been such an example of faithfulness in their marriage and childbearing journey. They struggled for a few years with infertility as they watched their friends have kids right and left. They bore their trials with love, patience, and joy. I never heard them complain or lose their hope in God’s plans. Billy and Maura decided to take the brave leap into adoption and they were matched with a birth mother in California. They traveled to California to finalize their plans only to find out that the birth mother they had been working with decided to go in a different direction. But God’s plans are always so much bigger. Almost as soon as they found out their social worker received a call about another baby in need of an immediate adoption. Billy and Maura were able to adopt beautiful, little Chiara, and listening to them talk about meeting the birthmother makes it so clear that this was meant to be. Watching the two of you has been such an inspiring example of love and I could not be more thrilled to see your family grow. Thank you for the honor of capturing this moment in your lives! 


Stayed tuned later this week for an exciting announcement on how you can support Billy + Maura in their adoption process!

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