rachel, tim, edith + marcella: family session

What do I even say about this session?! Tim and Rachel are two of our dearest friends. I’ve known Rachel since college and she’s always been one of the coolest people I know. When I get dressed, I always think, “Is this something Rachel would wear?”, because, I mean, come on?! Look how cool they are! Rachel and I actually started shooting weddings together, back when we would charge nothing, stay all day, and had very little clue what we were doing… haha! But, I look back at all those crazy days with such fond memories as they launched me into a career I had no idea I even wanted and now I’m obsessed with!

Earlier this year, Rachel and Tim welcomed the newest member of their family, little Marcella. She was born prematurely and had a very uphill battle to fight. I have not only been amazed with Marcella’s near miraculous progress, but the grace and faithfulness with which Tim and Rachel faced this challenge. They have truly relied on God for their strength and it’s so apparent that they’ve walked in His grace every step of the way. Marcella is home, healthy, and happy, and definitely very loved!

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  1. These are absolutely stunning Nicole! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Here’s to the glory days of lots of photos for almost no money (so good.)
    p.s. I do the same thing whilst perusing my closet 🙂