doug + kelsey: wedding

Ok, this wedding has so many good stories to tell, I don’t even know where to start. Doug and Kelsey found me after Mark and I gave a marriage prep talk through our Church. Our topic? SEXUAL HONESTY. Yes, you read that right. We talked about such popular topics as, sexual history, contraception, cohabitation, and you guessed it, pre-martial sex. Mark started off our talk by saying, “Who wants to talk about sex…”! Needless to say, I was surprised that anyone was brave enough to contact me after that talk. HA! I was so excited to be chosen to photograph Doug + Kelsey’s beautiful day. 

But, the stories don’t end there. Kelsey + Doug met at their apartment complex laundry room. They kept running into each other and Doug revealed that he finally won her over by telling her about the time he saved a group of duckings… I mean, who wouldn’t be head over heels after that. Kelsey does music therapy for hospice patients and Doug is a high school art teacher… once again, amazing. What beautiful hearts. Kelsey found her GORGEOUS dress for $400, can you believe that?! And Doug designed their wedding bands with ancient ruins. Hello, history buff over here!

Needless to say it was such a JOY to spend the day capturing their beautiful, fall wedding. How can you not feel the magic when the light sparkles through the fall leaves? Sit down, with your hot coffee (or tea over here), and enjoy all the love!

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